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I am a Licenced Contractor who specializes in creative electrical design and install--both residential and commercial. I have been in the industry for 20 years. I have 3 great employee's who are top notch and hold my high standard of quality workmanship. If you are looking for a licenced contractor who is willing to call you back, show up for the job, and perform excellent work, then we are your first pick. Phone: (949) 378-8334

The Barometer of a Godly Man

Warning: The message below contains material that could be highly offensive! If you find the Bible, or the contents within it offensive, you should abstain from reading this. Please be advised, the writings below will only make sense when viewed … Continue reading

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What is Wrong With the Men of Today?

As I was sitting in Starbucks I noticed a couple in their 50’s walk toward the seating area where they have the comfortable chairs. As they approached the chairs, I noticed that there was only one padded, comfortable chair available. … Continue reading

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He Is Near, And Can Hear Your Crying.

As a mother knows the cry of her child, so the Lord knows the cry of His Children. At times, we may feel all alone, as if we are in a situation by ourselves…we are not. As a beautiful praise … Continue reading

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My Wish

I wish to be by your side forever; I love everything about you You are the object of my obsession Though my ways toward you do not always model what is truly in my heart, please know that I love … Continue reading

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My Love My Wife

When I think of you, my life feels complete Your ways are so special, your voice is so sweet. Since I first held your hand and was captivated by your smile I knew in my heart we would make it … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Know You Married A Great Woman

10 Ways To Know You Married A Great Woman: 1. When you look her in her eyes and say I love you, she blushes. 2. When she laughs, your heart is filled with joy. 3. Even when you argue with … Continue reading

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