Tripping Over Toys

The stubbed toes we possess due to toys out of place, is a reminder that our children are still with us. Find joy in this…. and then teach them where the toys are supposed to go.


About Tom Sheltraw

I am a Licenced Contractor who specializes in creative electrical design and install--both residential and commercial. I have been in the industry for 20 years. I have 3 great employee's who are top notch and hold my high standard of quality workmanship. If you are looking for a licenced contractor who is willing to call you back, show up for the job, and perform excellent work, then we are your first pick. Phone: (949) 378-8334
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One Response to Tripping Over Toys

  1. When I first read your title I thought it said Tripping Over Boys!! That’s what I’m doing these days. Ian and I were blessed with 7 children… 4 boys, 3 girls. The girls are all in their 20s and live 25 min. away in the nearest town. We have 3 boys still at home… ages 19, 17 and 11.

    We wish we still had our oldest son with us. James was killed in a highway accident one bitterly cold and foggy December night in 2009. He was 25, an exemplary son and best of friends with all of his brothers and sisters. We miss him a lot, but we know he is with the Lord he loved.

    Losing James so early in life makes our other children that much more precious to us.


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