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Top 52 Things To Do with My 2 Boys this Year

I made a list up of 52 things I thought would be fun to do with my Boys this year 2011. We will do them in any order and maybe group some together on days. 01. Build a fort. 02. … Continue reading

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Your Life Book

Imagine that as each day of your life passes by, they are recorded in a permanent journal….Your Life Book. You are the author of your life book….you are in control of the content. How will it be written? Write it … Continue reading

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Sleeping Kid’s

When was the last time you watched your child sleep? One of the greatest joys in life is to watch your child sleeping. They are so peaceful and precious. I believe there is a healing that takes place in our … Continue reading

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Tripping Over Toys

The stubbed toes we possess due to toys out of place, is a reminder that our children are still with us. Find joy in this…. and then teach them where the toys are supposed to go.

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Toby the Servant of Trinity

TOBY THE SERVANT OF TRINITY Yesterday Toby (6) was being mean to his sister Trinity (4). As a punishment I told him he would have to be her servant for the rest of the day. I told Toby that if … Continue reading

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Little gifts for kids

Last night I told Trinity, my 4 yr old that daddy was going to leave her something on her dresser in the morning. She smiled with excitement and said, daddy is like Santa Claus? I smiled and said yes, daddy’s … Continue reading

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